sábado, 5 de febrero de 2011

Falling sky.

Falling sky.

When the wings are broken,
no good day can take you high,
the earth becomes the sky…
And on there you get restrained.

So heavy becomes the weight
of having to walk in just bare feet,
there’s no heaven instead of hell,
it’s all just a hole to die in here.

Up is down as you will see…
And the life becomes a mess.
So much fingers pointing the mistakes
of someone fell with broken wings.

Fly away my little bird,
don’t cry alone again,
sing your beauty song…
And go searching for the sun.

Evade that giant storm,
do never think you’re small,
embrace the heat and give it all…
Oh! my bird, I’ll wish you luck.

Yet the passion, yet the love,
all is lost and I’ll give up,
falling sky won’t take me home.

-Falling sky-

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