miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011

Bittersweet fools.

Bittersweet fools.


Time comes when he meets her…
And all is said without a word
on the heart so deep into the chest.

The world goes slow at every breath
as she avoid his eyes and turns to red.
Thin air on their lungs to respire,
trembling smiles sparkling on their face.

Bittersweet fools turning around,
it’s a shame they didn’t met.


Another day is now starting,
another day’s another chance.
Maybe today they’ll have for granted
a place to start the love they both desire.

Moment’s ready, they get close but never mind,
second chance and passed slowly,
what a couple of dorks I’m sure they are.

On the blink of an eye they’ve lost it,
another day goes by without advance.
Bittersweet fools are just annoying,
How on earth will they survive?


Silly lovers always complaining
about the things they’ll never have,
but if someone would ever spoken…
Neither of them would be so far.

Lifetime is lived by running moments,
just embrace them or leave them behind,
there’s no case on being lamenting…
All you left just to pass on by.

Love letter from her to him,
a kiss on the air and some perfume,
a rose who’ll never reach her lips…
A couple of cowards who dropped it all.

Bittersweet fools forever gaming,
bittersweet fools aware of that,
wouldn’t it be better just confessing
than let the moment escapes their hand?


Time passed and they let go each other,
someone else came to fill their lives.
Love never died but still they quitted,
being so cowards made them that.

Another man, another woman,
no time to shed a tear or change the past,
life continues as they left it,
bittersweet fools feel shame for that.


Another day without her eyes,
another day without his hand,
it’s almost time to shed a tear,
both are broken and fell a part.

Bittersweet fools are getting older,
the story went wrong instead of fine,
it’s a shame they’re not forgetting,
emotionless amnesia’s not so bad.


On the verge of death is a reminder,
a young girl for a younger man,
things unsaid have started charging…
The damaged souls and broken hearts.

No turning back but straight to grave,
maybe life after would be best.
bittersweet fools again standing…
Almost in the same spot to try again.

-Bittersweet fools-

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