jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Erase me.

Erase me.
(Everywhere is just the same)

The eyes can see me…
As I disappear into the sky.

Time is lost and heart won’t beat,
blanket smiles and says good bye,
resting places will now be…
The last place to go and hide.

Arms surrounding my arrival,
happy songs for the silliest ones,
and then the voice of guidance…
Says don’t give up until the last.

Embrace me and hold me tight,
don’t let go, I’ve lost the fight.

The son has come surrendered,
the father says he has no shame,
mother sheds a tear and goes away…
Brothers and sisters don’t believe.

No resting time before the crisis,
hell on earth and I’m still here,
heaven’s just another madness…
How I wish I would not exist.

-Erase me-

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