miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

Here underground.

Grave by ~hazzard7 on deviantART

Here underground.

I could say I did it right,
but I know the way you do…
That I made it wrong at every time.

Here, underground I’ll pass the time,
neither wondering nor wandering…
If I will ever be free the way I was.

Underground the thoughts I used to have
become the light surrounded by the darkness,
it’s all my fault and I’ll always repent for that.

Underground, underground, underground,
all is nothing but a dream that never fades,
a nightmare well deserved for the traitors…
That sold the souls and lives so away.

Underground I won’t call your name again,
I won’t hold your hands or touch your face,
underground I’ll leave my conscious…
And the heart that loved you wronged way.

Underground you will forgive me,
underground you will forget,
underground I’ll be forever,
underground I’ll rest my head.


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