domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010

Failed resurrection.

Failed resurrection.

The circles of blood are done over the shadows; time has come to make it happen.

One hand says it’s time to start
while the other sets the time,
all is stupid but we’ll try,
maybe we’ll make it fine tonight.

All is set over its places, now everything must be all right.

Rise now as we call together
for the soul of those impure,
rise with us and make it happen,
give us the power to strike back.

No response or even a single signal, is it all lost before we thought?

Not jet ‘cause we’ll still try,
it’s not a shame to fail,
we’ll keep on until we can.

The eyes are set as the words pronounce the tones of non forgiveness… For all those we are if somehow we manage to take you back.

None stop callings for a name,
no response for none of us,
it’s getting late and we still fail,
maybe it’s time to give it up.

Silence and a tremor, it shivers to be on this place.

surrounding mist so dense to see
if that is you or maybe me,
Weird experiences we expected…
But not to die the night you lived.

Familiar face smiling gently… Fuck, we died without making you live.

-Failed resurrection-

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