martes, 30 de noviembre de 2010

Goodnight, goodbye.

Goodnight, goodbye.

Ticking time to say I love…
As you fade away unlighted,
no veils masking tonight…
The love that dies with you.

Spreading whispers trough the dark
as final words to reach the lover,
darkest fly’s becomes the lies…
And you were a liar amongst the others.

One kiss or two to say goodbye…
While tasting the poison on my lips,
enjoy the lies and love you gave to me!
Time has come to make you bleed.

One after another you will see
the memories we had before,
all the things you made us three…
Before I knew and charged you all.

Enjoy the silence, he won’t come,
it’s only me and you… And it’s all done,
all the lies and loves will rest in here,
I’ll search for him and tell him so.

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