viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010



He comes again with his mistakes,
all is wrong when nothing’s right,
but hey! It’s not late to learn,
it’s not too late to love not hate.

All the dreams are canned now,
they’re so far away but yet…
He wants to rearrange his life
and every one of its mistakes.

Here he comes again to fail,
they say it’s worse!
he’ll never change,
he came to lose again.

All the eyes that swallows him,
all is lost when nothing’s left,
judgment is done before he says
no more lies and no more shame.

‘Cause you’re a waste,
‘cause I’m a waste.

Welcome! Welcome!
You’ve touched the bottom
Well, hello! Hello!
You’ve touched the bottom…
Well, hello! Hello!

No more dreams and no more lies,
you’ve been judged, now it’s time
to close your eyes and let it go.

Let it go, oh! Let it go,
you close your eyes and let it go.

Well, hello! Hello!
Let it fade and you’ll be gone,
Welcome! Hello!
Just close your eyes and let it go.


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