domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010

Grveyard party.

Graveyard Party by ~Dreamsong572 on deviantART

Graveyard party.

Wear a hat and walk to grave,
black suit and set a tie!
It is ok to rest in there.

Call a name and let it go,
grab the lotion!
There are women on the spot.

Smile the last and be polite,
one last chance!
Grab the girl, it’s time to dance.

Avoid the tears, embrace the life,
not in heaven but in here,
make this graveyard now your house.

Celebrate the time to spend,
Make a party!
Now it’s time to enjoy your death.

I’ll catch you as soon as I can,
wait and we’ll together…
be someday this cemetery’s heart.

-Graveyard party-

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