lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

Words and love.

Words and love.

The dog plays the ball
while the fork invades the plate,
there’s no reason to keep on,
but I’ll keep it up until the end.

Before the breakfast I had
my hand tying over my shoe,
the thoughts all running on my mind
giving me the reasons why I love you.

Agglutination comes after the lunch
when my words come out to say:
-Hello dear, I came to enjoy…
Those pretty eyes and lovely face.

Here I have for you a card, a tiny letter or a gift,
have the words deep from my beating chest
that drums along like the music on a compact disc.

Under the rain and in my car I swear
to give you flowers of love until the end,
have the promise I’ll be near…
Until saying “yes, I will always be your dear”.

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