domingo, 12 de septiembre de 2010

Let's go black instead of white.

Masks by ~Trixis on deviantART

Let’s go black instead of White.

Come, come, all without the masks,
I wanna see your faces,
let’s turn black instead of white.

All the lies become the true,
the damage is done but doesn’t matters,
we are all a waste of skin and bones…
praying always to an absent god.

We smile, we live, we die.
(We kill).

All the chances have been taken,
we have nothing left to pick,
still… we struggle to believe.

I’m a man who has no faith,
my mask is this I wear as kindle,
my truth then hides beyond the fog…
Of what they made me with their ones.

We’re cursed and condemned to die,
we love, we cry, we hate,
we cheat… and also blame.

Still I wanna see your faces,
I wanna know beyond the mask…
before it’s late and you’ll begin to lie.

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