sábado, 25 de septiembre de 2010

Candle light.

Candle by ~dreamericaaa on deviantART

Candle light.

As the light of the candle dances
I can’t help but to remember,
Ophelia, you were always like the flame
that never fades until darkness’s gone.

All of the shadows come together
to hold my body and make me tremble,
shades will give me holy if I leave,
it’s just that I’m still not feeling able.

Ophelia, I only got to tell you,
that I’ve missed you since you fade,
candle lights can only remind me …
those eyes that always lightened my way.

And here I am between the shadows
writing one last letter to reach at her,
please candle light don’t let them swallow
my eyes, my letters and all my strength.

So sweet and I’m too fading,
perhaps it’s time see you there!
I just wish you could come and get me,
‘cause I would like to see you right away.

And so the candle’s totally faded
while the letter’s done over the desk,
one corpse is left over the scenery…
but he loved Ophelia until the grave.

-Candle light-

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