miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2010

Call it what you want.

Call it what you want.
(Yes, I don’t care)

I’ve been walking along
thinking about tomorrow,
trying always to find an answer…
for all this I consider that matters.

All I’ve seen is nothing but a lie,
a mere dream all corrupted,
the last illusion human casted,
all… is nothing but a simple joke.

The forms we have,
the air we breathe,
what is all of that?
The nothingness just filling spots.

I’ve come to know I’m wrong,
but at the same time I may be right,
no one has the total answer,
no one knows the true response.

I am nothing but a wanderer,
some one who defies the forms
and does not believe in shapes,
I’m not god, but I’m still trying.

If I raise my hand and clap on air
I’ll do nothing but some noises,
but that will cause us something else.
All is connected and all is worth.

Everything I learned values nothing,
cause all I learned has on shame…
the same answer as a no response.
I’m still lost and I don’t care.

I’ve been thinking about the circles
that would describe these kinds of thoughts,
but all I’ve said comes to converge…
on the simple fact, I haven’t thought.

Then and again I have myself,
walking the land from edge to edge,
nothing surprises me anymore,
there’s nothing left to be understand.

If I close my eyes,
I’ll be looking at the same,
all is nothing.
There’s nothing else to comprehend.

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