jueves, 22 de julio de 2010

Hora cero.

Hora cero.

Everything I heard and learned
comes rushing now into my head,
all collides into the nothingness,
this… is my final part of life.

Wonder how long we’ve been together,
I don’t know but feels like much.
(If we could only stay like that)

All the things I’ve done and told
could now become a nonsense,
but I got to tell you for my love,
that I would’ve kissed you even more.

There’s no regret instead of tears
as I watch your eyes walking away,
no shame and have no fears,
I’ll be with you until the very end.

Stars shows no mercy as they shine
above our heads as the world dies,
it’s all in my heart and hurts enough,
but we’ll keep on holding hands.

Life’s not forever and so is with the love,
this… is the end of someone’s world,
zero hour and a time to let it go,
it’s me; I’m the one that is dying for.

-Hora cero-

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