sábado, 17 de julio de 2010

Back to blood and end.

Back to blood and end.

I have the same words to give you,
the same feeling I used to have,
at all… nothing has changed,
I’m still the same that I was.

You and I will walk together,
we’re condemned to die like that,
we’ll hold our hands forever,
maybe that’s my price to pay for life.

I’m back at you the way I didn’t wanted,
I’m stocked in that I should have left behind,
God bless this ever forever after,
this is all I never ever expected us to have.

Here we are performing the same act
once and again without a single fail,
there’s no chance to rest for a while,
we’re trapped on what is left.

If I could, I’d give you freedom,
But freedom would never be mine,
I’m stocked forever in the middle,
thanks again for gave me that.

We are what we are and it won’t change,
let’s dance together until we die,
give me peace and let me rest,
come to the coffin, I promise I’ll be there.

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