miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010



When the lights fade out…
you must shine and don’t let go,
don’t be afraid, I’m here for you.

There’s no place to hide when there is hope,
no holding back those tears you drop,
we can make it right, just keep shining on.

On the blink of an eye we’ll be all right,
it’s time to keep and don’t look back,
I promise I’ll be there to hold your hand.

No more harm as we walk the steps,
no more lies, and no more walk away.

Today I’ll shine standing next to you
to show you a path or maybe two,
this is no time to apologize,
it’s time to change the wrong into the good.

Move on and don’t say no,
I know you can and I’m with you,
it’s time to shine… and don’t let go.

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