lunes, 28 de junio de 2010

Paint me.

Paint me.

Give me color to have some skin,
and paint me on the lonely corner
to be another drawing you forget.

Make me taller than the others
but smaller than the next,
draw me a smile you’ll like to share
to dump me like the others as if I was a step.

Take a pencil, brush, or a pen,
correct me once and another,
erase my eyes and change my face,
make me perfect just to impress,
and leave as soon as you can anyway.

Paint me somewhere we’ll never be,
give me a smile that we’ll never have,
make me be and say that I will never last,
draw a line that I will never surpass…

For you.

Paint me on the corner just to leave me out there,
forget me like the others you will never stay,
tell me that you love me; I’ll believe you anyway
since I’m… painting parts in white with you.

…The end.

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