sábado, 26 de junio de 2010

I want to die.

I want to die.

Time has come and I want
to die as I wanted one time,
no it’s my chance to drop it all,
take off my heart, burry my soul.

Time has come.

Open your eyes as I leave
all behind and get out of here,
there’s no more to ask or hide,
just this hand o’ mine saying goodbye.

Come to see me fall today,
come and let me go away.

One last breath and I’ll leave
as the stars when fade from there,
sky was so vast but I couldn’t exist
as just one of the others that care
nothing for the life but they still had shame.

Nope, I never came to be them.

I want to die for not to be
another one on the shelf,
another fucking mistake
about a life that never cared.

Come smiling,
come alone,
I’ll be dying,
this kid‘s gone.

One after another the suspects of my gone,
it’s always pointing everything to a bullet I hold
the head after bullet came out of my gun
and I am…
ready for the show while the final has come,
I’m dead.

I want to die and no to leave you a corpse,
and I ant to die and forget about all,
I want… to die, to die, to die alone,
I died.

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