domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010



Receive the force,
might we strike the core?
yes, we can consume…
as we assume power for the last.

Come forward with a torch,
let’s incinerate and make them tremble,
let’s burn down the present they gave us.

Life awaits,
let’s call tonight a howl.

Here I have the stake,
silver bullet for the wolfs,
it’s time to make some change,
move forward, we’ll embrace the sun.

Ships down into the water,
rain of planes over the earth,
this is time for to take it harder,
come with me and just move on.

Tonight we have the blood,
we also have the heart…
and the reason for to go.

Tomorrow we’ll embrace the future,
for now we must hold hands,
everyone ready for the endurance,
do not bid farewell until we say hi.

I’ll take the lead and everyone will follow,
I’m the spear, who’ll open for you the path,
let’s show no mercy for the numbskull,
time has come to shoot this blast.

Tomorrow I’ll be a legend,
someone amazing if I last,
the man who changed life
…or a martyr if I die.

let’s together change this life,
for once just hold my hand.


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