sábado, 8 de mayo de 2010

Somewhere... (Lost)

Somewhere… (Lost)

I’m walking the same streets again.., and I can’t see the light,
colors have escaped and now it’s all black and white,
have I lost my mind finally at this point of the map?
it could be, it always can be that way when you are me.

Have I seen the people over and over again as the same?
yes, it’s always the same scene and scenery once and again,
I’m too tired now, too tired to keep walking the line…
while the people and the colors never change on this town.

Lost, I’m finally lost.

Handshake taste like nothing and the heart won’t beat,
kisses are like ashes in the mouth waiting to burn,
but it never happens, it never seems to happen,
so… this is me waiting to disappear slowly.

I’ve counted the streets for so many time that I know…
that the pebbles were no match for a poor lady without shoes,
but now I seem to care not for those moments anymore,
it’s a shame but… I’ve lost my will to keep things moving on.

Time slips .s-l-o-w .e-n-o-u-g-h. to be boring me a lot,
but I still have to walk even if it’s just a little more,
I’m right or maybe wrong, that I don’t know
but still I have some things to care off.

I’ll be dead by noon.

If I close my eyes… will I hear the beating heart?
something tells me inside I won’t,
maybe it’s late for that, maybe… I’ve lost my mind
and all that is left are these eyes with a gray view.

I’ll hold on my breath for a little while…
to see if I can take away monotony,
all is now contamined,
everything changed its way of glory.

This path…

I’m consuming now,
I’ll become a memory
of someone who existed,
but never came to life.

This… is farewell.

This is farewell as I die
the way we died long time ago,
this is us and the gray path,
this is the place I can’t stand to belong.

I’ll walk my way down alone…
but with pride.

I’m proud of my own unique point of view,
I’m proud of this life so different from yours,
I’m proud of being what I am and not a shame,
I’m proud of vanishing between this dark…
instead of joining my hands to praise those you.


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