domingo, 4 de abril de 2010


Wandering shadow by ~Saraty on deviantART


Dance the corpse over the grave
as you live and happily celebrate,
so long, so long,
maybe some day the time will come.

Bleeding nightmares waiting nights
as the eyes close to avoid the light,
this is me, this is me,
I’m still waiting for you and me.

Drop the tears, don’t hide them now,
isn’t it all clear? I’ll be waiting until last.

Beating heart and nor cold skin,
I’ve lost the color and my pulse,
but I’m still walking next to you.

Tic tac the time that fades,
tic tac, you’re close to grave.

Color blind makes it grey
or black and white if you prefer,
but know now and for sure…
you miss me since the day I left.

Gather the whispers, call my name,
I’ll call yours and wait in bed.

some words must not be said…
until time comes carrying your flesh.

Steps and dancing dancers,
time has come to take you there.

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