jueves, 8 de abril de 2010

Perfect world salvation.

Perfect world salvation.

All of you so perfect
have created me imperfect,
everyone’s fault not mine
but at the end I charge the blame.

Slid my throat if you want
but it’ll only be the last,
if I am walking shame on earth…
why do I exist if I’m what you’ve create?

Say I’m bad and have no heart,
say I’m the worst and never change,
say… whatever you want to say,
but don’t come tell me you’re perfection.

I have a bad temper I know,
but this temper… is what you gave me,
isn’t this what you’ve created?
am I the one that is wrong after all?

All this nonsense about loving life…
you live life, but don´t come blame me
if some day you see the life like mine,
cause I won’t be there to help you again.

Perfection… I don’t see what you want,
maybe… we don’t have the same eyes.
kill me, make the world a better place,
perfection? Have it your way, make me a favor.

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