miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010


(Have it your way)

And I’m here walking, dancing, waiting
for the girl I supposed to meet in hell,
nervous I feel tonight but I know…
she will come to see me here tonight.

Breaking people they say
“Hey you, how does it feel to wait
for the girl that told you to stay
where you must never stay night at late?”

Time goes by and I’m here at the bar
talking, thinking, waiting again for her,
and she, she won’t come anymore I heard,
“She’s got what she wanted from you”.
“she’s got what she wanted from you”.

Realize for once and again
she won’t come to see you again,
she won’t come ‘cause you know
woman has some things to do
and you’ll wait, you’ll wait again.

So what if you leave and…
what if you leave and just go.

Comes her smoking, smiling a cigarette
and she says “Hey you,
how long have you been waiting?”
I say, no much but I have to go, besides
it’s time… to stop and stare at the end”.

I’m drunk as you happen to see so…
enjoy the directions, enjoy the attentions
I’m out, I’m out of your life, can’t stay waiting
I’m fine; I’m fine as you see and I… I will just leave.

I will just leave an emotion behind,
and I’m, too drunk to be happy, but at
the same time, not much to be mad…
at all, I’ll say bye, good bye and don’t follow,
‘cause I, I won’t be there in the bar anymore.

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