sábado, 10 de abril de 2010

Burry me

Burry me.

If you see me bad or bleeding inside…
burry me, make a coffin, let me rest.
call the cops and bring a nurse,
but at the end…I know I’ll die for sure.

Burry me deep and don’t let go
the key to get me out of tomb,
I’ll prevail no matter what so listen well,
I’ll be back… and you’ll be dead.

Time can’t define eternity so,
if you see me dying just let go,
I’ll achieve immortality as my goal.

Burry me for now ‘til I end up…
as the dust over the coffin,
a shadow to reborn.

If I come crawling on a whisper
and your name is on my mouth,
then pray to god never to see me,
cause I’ll be back to take your soul.

All is insignificant by bleeding
so I’ll make a coffin for your life,
by burying you under the ground…
you’ll be fine and I’ll be alive.

Emotionless me you said,
now I say thanks for that I am,
I will always be the same,
but it’s a shame you gave me that.

If you see me bleeding…
don’t come, just take a knife,
kill me, burry me for the last,
isn’t that what you always wanted?
finally your time to that has come.

-Burry me-

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