sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010

To sleep.

The timekeeper by =TwistedGenie on deviantART

To sleep.

May the violins keep on the music
as the melody follows one piano,
let the corpses lay down at party
and sleep with me over the grave.

Coffee over the coffins and some muffins
to rearrange what’s lost and underground
over the mind thoughts about tomorrow.

Let go and feel the vibe,
let music comes console your eyes,
let go, it’s time to stop and just move on.

Windows close over surroundings
as the people searches one last slumber,
day comes in again breaking sleeping time
and nothing changes even though it changed.

Sleep, it’s time to rest the hands over the chest
and let go the things you’ll never be a part again,
let go and close your eyes as the music fades,
transition must be made… after life’s already gone.

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