sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010


starry night by ~anthonyneal on deviantART


Give a bunch or else a kiss,
I’ll give you the sky to put ‘em all
or hand a bag to keep my beat.

Stars are silver lights
that wanna gaze with you,
such soft and tender night
should deserve a kiss or two.

I’ll handle the night entire
just for a pinch of you and me,
stars now will look so bright
as your eyes when I search your lips.

I’ll give you my calmed and simple verses
like black stars over white heaven,
wish you to enjoy them as imperfect
until I have some more to show you better.

Stars I give instead of kisses
or my heart if you admit to keep it,
stars shine bright over my head
making me wonder if you’ll stay.

Stars will light the way forever,
even if it is for the bad or for the better
stars will always lead you to whatever.


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