sábado, 27 de marzo de 2010

A ring for your finger.

A ring for your finger.

I’ve come this time
to put an end to loneliness,
so I have here in my hand
something I wish you to keep it.

To set a ring on your finger I have
some smiles and moments to give you,
maybe the dream of a child in arms…
or the promise of always be near you.

Yes, I have this and you have that,
I have the ring but the answer misses,
say yes, let’s move on to the kisses.

I have my votes ready to recite
and the will to stay with you for all life,
so this I have between my hands…
is my heart as ring for you to grab.

A ring for your finger,
a bride for a man,
this… is what I have.

-A ring for your finger-

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