domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

Last memories.

Last memories.

It is time for us now to let go…
all we ever loved and wanted to become,
we’ll be memories on each other at the end
and everything will be fine for sure.

This… is the last time for the hands to hold
and for the lips to kiss while goodbye stands,
this here… is the last memory we’ll ever make
and it hurts even more than what we ever felt.

Time will pass between the hands as we live
but we won’t forget how we used to be,
all the tears will break a part of us every while
but fate has been chosen and we’ll move on…
and live the way we never guessed we’ll live.

I’ll rewrite these verses some day if I learn to live
without you on my mind as all I ever cared about,
here I am, making one last memory for both of us
trying not to think this is the final image of our love.

It’s done as I search for your lips one last
while your hands hold mine between the shadows,
such warm tears I feel and mine starts to follow,
we’re broken for the last and it is fine, it has to be this way.

Clock’s ready to sing it’s time… and it’s early,
you look so beautiful between my arms
that I wish you could stay like that forever,
but forever will now only lasts in memory.

Waking up and snoozing, you find me,
happy eyes and yet you’re crying,
clothes on and we just smile,
guess it’s time t let this die so…
we’ll become the last memory for both.

-Last memories-

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