martes, 9 de marzo de 2010



As the sun comes out while red paints the sky
…we die.
the time goes so slow between us…
that it hurts just to stare at you.

We’re done.

Silence comes enough as much of a torture
while your hands let go my heart,
it hurts, it hurts when you say bye.

I’ll paint the sun in black as I bleed
and turn the clouds into ashes of you,
I’ll keep on waking while death comes.

I’ll keep on, I promise.

Oceans drown over the drought you’ve made
and I’m alive in the middle of that place,
I’m alive… not too sure of that.

Yes, it’s noon.

All the whispers gather on the spot
and trembles deep inside my heart,
you’re gone; I know it now since the tic tac goes…
while the clock keeps stopped on the same hour you left.

The time dies so slowly…
and so I vanish from your life.

Night has already come.

“This is the end” I tell to myself,
this is the end… and you were the beginning.


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