sábado, 20 de marzo de 2010



Move forward,
it’s time,
glory awaits,
we must seize the land.

One after another
bring the fire and erase,
buy me time,
I’ll do the rest.

One after another we’ll make ‘em fall
as we advance and retake the world,
I’ll be the leader and the heart,
I’ll carry the burdens and the sins of war.

Let me die with it,
I’ll embrace sacrifice,
it’s time, it’s time,
we must advance and seize the land.

Bring the man and make it tremble,
burn the land, kill every person,
I´ll be the gun and you the trigger,
put the heart on the bullet spot…
and I’ll make the hole goes bigger.

It’s time, it’s time,
advance beyond the path.


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