martes, 2 de febrero de 2010

Something to think about.

Something to think about.

Serve the heads over a plate
and drink the blood inside a glass,
call your comrades, let them come,
show no mercy, you’ve won the war.

Celebrate tonight your fortune,
you’ve killed and didn’t die,
how shameful to live like this
amongst a man who despises life.

Move on to another spot
and sell your service for the money,
keep walking until you killed enough
and think you achieved a personal glory.

Burn the land as you go,
incinerate the man as you live,
and as soon as you’re done with it…
come find me, I promise to set you free.

I’ll carry your burden on the future
as a part of the shame you’ve created,
all the sins will be mine after you leave…
and I’ll be only a piece of what you left.

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