domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

Ravens land. (This is life)

Ravens land. (This is life)

It is what it is as I bleed,
it is what it is as you die,
all the words can’t describe
what I want everyone to see.

Shadows surpass reality
each one on a continued step,
the pain grows bigger and trembles
over the shattered body of the living.

Time goes with it’s tic-tac-toc
until the hours die at the end of the day,
ravens pick their food out of the junk
while the sins get rotten on a corner
where the light has faded away at last.

(My eyes can not see it anymore)

The broken bones must move
until the soul forgets its existence,
until the body comes to be only a corpse
in which the ravens can pick up the pieces.

This is life, this is life.

We consume as we walk,
we die as we breathe,
we bleed as we speak…
and make a kill as we live.

This is life I know,
but it’s the life I didn’t ask for.

All the hatred burns the fire
where we drown the innocence a part,
consumism is the newest law of life…
and we all follow the path and walk the line.

This is life, this is life,
let ravens come and eat me entire.

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