martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

Plastic minds.

Plastic minds.

The ideas and ideals are melted
on the minds so tired of thinking,
no resurrection order has been casted
over the healthiest thoughts of all the artists.

All is plastic, all is numb,
nothing new… everything is done.
come, come, and paint again the sun,
return the color, don’t just let it lost.

Now I got the pencils and the paintings
and by artists I’m surrounded,
It’s time to get again rid from the plastic!

(Have I seen the light?)

Come together to a conclusion,
open the eyes and let pass shadows,
plastic minds must now be drowned…
until late to avoid hearts to be all swallowed.

Let’s rearrange the boringness we made
by creating light out of the tunnel,
let’s kill the prefabricated shit we use
and send the plastic minds up to the corner.

It’s time, it’s time,
it’s time to shine the bright the ideas,
it’s time to create life instead of grey
and start to be instead of just pretend.

Hold my hand,
hold my hand,
hold my hand,
I’ll color you the way to stand.

I’ll take the weight of guilt
if the time comes and you don’t shine,
I’ll take the weight of life if they don’t admit…
plastic minds will never be as bright as yours and mine.

Cast no resurrection orders
over the corpses of the minds we’ll hurt,
it’s time to change and rearrange life
instead of getting contamined…
by all of those so plastic minds.

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