lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

Dragon tears.

Dragon tears.

I am the one to be blamed by you,
all the mistakes and the sins…
put them on me, I’ll carry your cross.

Como over and move aside,
the story’s the same as always
but not this time while I die.

I am the one to hold your hand
as the silence pray for you to be fine,
I’m the protector and also the bad,
it seems… I can never make it right.

Let time come chase me,
it will chase us both in a row.

Pierce my heart the way you want
but you’ll breathe the fire you’ve created,
yes, I am the one to be blamed,
but we’ll share the pain ‘til the very end.

This is the curse I lend on you
after the spell you casted on me once,
vengeance if you want it to call,
I’ll call it fairness as I dig the spot.

Hold me until the end in your mind,
I’ll carry you to the grave with me…
just the way you carried me on your desire.

Rough skin and the sharpest fangs,
I am the dragon indeed, but…
you were the one with the coldest heart.

All the reasons you gave me turned to ashes,
but I’m taking you deep in the heart with me,
you can take these dragon tears ‘cause in the end…
we’ll embrace together as it always had to be.

-Dragon tears-

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