martes, 16 de febrero de 2010

The dancers.

The dancers.

One step back and one step forward
as the hands held down on last dance,
(sigh) time has come for both of us
to play and flirt and see who wins.

Move closer and come so slow
while I look around and gain control,
fingers must completely seize your hips
while your lips whisper love to eager ears.

Come closer and dance,
come closer and make us feel…
how is it to give life on a step
and love births after it.

Hang on (let time pass)
hold my hand once again,
we’ll be fine if we keep the dance
until the last when we say bye.

Time passes and we posses
between the hands the pleasure
and some little time to spare.

Stay (a bit longer I ask)
come around and let me see
if I’ve been infected by the dance
or if it is just my heart that beats.

Eyes on me and follow,
one step back and one step forward,
come closer enough to me and hold
the breath before the kiss to let us go.

Close your eyes for a minute
and feel the wind as the time goes by,
it’s over and yet we’re still here…
where the dance started in our hearts.

Leave with a hand shake
and I’ll try to obtain a kiss,
it’s done, time to depart…
and the game, we draw.

Emotions floating on the air
as the dancers say goodbye,
they’re hoping to catch up again
and see if they can make it last.

-The dancers-

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