lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

Broken mirror reflections.

Broken mirror reflections.

This… is me,
I’ve been looking at the mirror
and can’t find the answer,
am I still alive?

It’s late again and I’m still standing,
the mirror won’t move,
orange sky and shadows gather,
will I be free soon?

It’s raining,
I heard the drops crashing
and I want to feel them,
can I go out?

So dark and cold,
life’s like that I guess,
maybe I should stay for a while.

Here comes the moon,
it’s getting dark,
night has come,
I’m blind.

Home again,
the mirror hasn’t moved
and the moon shines across the glass,
have I lost my mind?

A whisper,
the shadows gather,
it’s starting,
this is it, time has come.

All the voices surrounding,
the messages,
it’s useless, I’m fine.

the mirror is broken,
all the pieces…
I am alive.

it’s great,
I’m bleeding
and trembling!
I am alive! Alive!

All the pieces…
the small ones,
the big ones,
this sensation.

My face on the mirror’s reflection,
I’m three instead of one,
I bleed instead of just watch,
this… is amazing, I am god.

All the voices calling my name
under the thunders roar,
tomorrow I will be…
a part of the nature.

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