sábado, 23 de enero de 2010



Tonight I see the stars behind the window
as the lights I want to follow,
all the sparks that once adorned you
now are all mine to burn my dreams.

I have all this time between my hands,
dying drops I used to call memories.
(Tears and stars are just the same as beauty)

Have I vanished in your heart?

I wonder how will I forget
if I have a heart to remind you,
damn beating it posses…
and damn everything I gave.

All I wanted to see was with you,
but now it flashes and remains…
only as a prayer to vanish from my head.

Am I broken enough to vanish?

I’m vanishing as I have to,
just as the mere moment I was,
but as I vanish from your life…
I won’t ever let you go of mine.


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