lunes, 18 de enero de 2010

Torches. (Fire bringer's peace proposal.)

Torches. (Fire bringer’s peace proposal.)

Come closer to listen,
this is the place were we belong,
some others will too come to research
but until then… let me fix so well your head.

See the place and look at me,
have you seen despair on it?
a fortune to live I think but…
is it right for us to live like this?

I want to fly once more with these wings
they haven’t cut but if we let them they will,
I want to see the sun trough the clouds
and not to hide beneath the shadows to survive.

So close I’ve heard a crash!
maybe it was a bomb so…
you think we’ll even last enough?

Come, come a little closer son to see…
how the world collapse in just one blink,
all we’ve made trough generations
only goes to the trash and die like this.

Take a nap and come to watch
the world collide under the sky
so pitched in red and some parts black,
come, come, it is now your compromise.

So young and so damned your eyes can only know
what granny said it was the truth…
but nope, freedom wasn’t made for you.

Grab a flag and die for a place
while the truth is…
that every place is just the same,
take a grenade and make you disappear…
by leaving a corps to burry deep.

This is the life we live and despair we have,
so grab a torch and come to march,
it is all… for to end this fucking war,
no more deaths and no more blood,
no more death for the young and youth,
no more war and no more running blood.

Drop the guns and take a torch,
now it’s just the perfect time…
to come together and light a path.


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