miércoles, 13 de enero de 2010

Pendulum swing.

Pendulum swing.

Here I have the last one,
one last word or wish to mention,
I wanna hang on, hold on above all.

Rope ready and chair on it’s place,
we need the body for the pendulum,
pendulum swing, pendulum swing,
oh! How glad it will be me.

Shortening life like this,
one last escape I got to try,
shivers, it all shivers but not I.
(I feel the air and want to fly.)

Pendulum swing, pendulum swing,
I hope I just won’t last.
pendulum swing, pendulum swing
(do I have to make tic tac?).

Time and I’m the clock,
tic tac, here I go, tic tac…
please don’t break you rope.

Tic… tac… I’m… hanging,
tic… tac… from the rope,
tic… tac… I… am… fading,
tic… tac… finally I´m done.

-Pendulum swing-

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