miércoles, 27 de enero de 2010

Bye bye veins.

Bye bye veins.

I’m in the hole at the no return ticket I gave,
so confused and whipped away I see white,
am I finally where I should be? (Oblivion)
I wonder if time will be less of a torture a sleep.

Memories are greater now than before as I leave,
everything will be fine from now on,
everything… will forever be peace.

Wonder how many hands will carry me now?
it’s not enough to live, but to endure the whole life
and I couldn’t at all make myself survive,
what a waste of skin, dreams, bones and love.

Sorry everyone for the time I’m stealing here,
but you all will never have to care about me,
from now on…I’ll handle myself without bother you,
it’s decided, now it’s the time to let go and say bye.

Bye bye veins covered in red,
bye bye people and world I hate,
bye bye everyone I won’t see again.

-Bye bye veins-

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