lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009

The storm.

The storm.

Under the water drops goes the bullet,
so slow, so fast, so fucking cruel,
everything bleeds under the rain
and the stain goes even bigger,
is it over when down the noises?

It takes the soul and infects the hearts,
can you hear the thunders moving on?
can you feel hell running across?

The eye is set at the sight as we speak,
the umbrella fades and all comes in,
feel the rain pouring down the sins.

It changes the vision and breaks the barriers,
all is insignificant; a life values nothing I swear,
I have my hands tied to the green in order to serve,
such is the paper… and such is my shame.

Take the pistol, embrace the gun,
hear the pleas, ignore them all.

Here comes the storm and goes the life,
everything gathers into a whisper…
and so it all silently dies.

-The storm-

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