martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009

The night.

Artemis by =Fizzingwhizbee5 on deviantART

The night.

She comes with a silk black dress
and crawls over the body as she demands
one last spell to close my eyes and yet…
she’s not happy until I hold her tight.

Closer and closer she comes
moving forward avoiding the sun,
all is lost but all shines bright…
under the gleam of her silver eyes.

Soft skin covers mine
as I feel the touch so deep inside.

It invites, it invites,
she comes and dances seducing life,
so dark, so beauty, so tender, so light,
she’s moving forward claiming my heart.

Muses are muses and so she is mine,
take off her dress and embrace her inside.
time passes and sun posses again the sky,
she’s leaving as always but she’ll come tonight.

One, two, and here is the third,
one step after another she goes,
bid farewell and leave with her
or surrender to the tremors…
and ask her to stay.

-The night-

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