domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2009

Hands down.

Hands down.

Pull down your hands and let the world fall
as it trembles by it’s own fear and mistakes,
enjoy the last ride while we say good bye
as we descend to hell bleeding our own fire.

This is it; all is as empty as it seems to be
and we are the condemned ones to falter
at the edge of the last long failed breath
claiming always for redemption.

Raise your arms high
while pulling down your hands,
pull the trigger of the rifles and the guns,
it’s just a spark of light that fades away,
it’s just a signal of the war that comes ahead.

Move on, move on, it’s just the time passing
sometimes so fast, sometimes so slow,
hands down and let it pass,
hands down and let life go.

Embrace the anger as we move further
to the place where we’ll find death
on the smell of powder and blood,
seize the place of no return and hold it
deep into the heart so blinded by the dust.

Hands down and let the war begin
as the world collide for the last
on the touch of every bullet
or the blood in every gun.

Hands down and it’ll be all over,
war comes for every head,
future uncertain comes forward,
I guess I’ve lost my faith.

Hands down, hands down, hands down,
all… is nothing but a mess.

-Hands down-

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