sábado, 5 de diciembre de 2009

Good bye.

Good bye.

As the world collide I’ll ask once more,
would you stay by my side?
would you accept my love?

It’s time; it’s time to smile in loneliness
like the last time we dreamed together
with the burden we wouldn’t carry.

Let me clap my hands under the light
as we fade away for the last,
as we fade away… for one last time.

Come, come and dance with me,
life’s like that if you think of it
since life is wine and a bottle will die.

Carry the sad faces out of the mask,
we are fine I promise that,
it’s all a joke, believe me,
we’ll be fine after time.

Come hold me again
as we die in this space,
come hold me as we walk the line
and forget what we were.

All things die and so we did,
everything returns to dust
and so our love returned.

Baby this is just a game,
I’ll be fine I swear.

The echoes will disappear
and you will be fine as I’ll be,
sound beats sound
and a new voice will be heard
as someone calls your name
and no one calls me.

Tonight I’ll die,
but you’ll live for me,
so honey don’t waste time
and just leave me here.

I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine,
life’s like that and I...
I will always walk the line.

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