lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2009

The world I hate.

The world I hate.

Oh yeah! The world says hello
while people lies from it’s heart,
all is an act to convince the life,
but it’s useless to convince like that.

They say “have a nice day”
while they stab you in the back,
all the smiles performing a lie.

How funny to see the hypocrisy
while they all ask for your honesty,
the world is full of convenient cowards
disguised as friends of all the lifetime.

“I’m here yes, but why should I bother
if you can bother for us while I’m free”,
it’s always the same thing to think.

“Hey it’s ok to do it that way”
(then, why don’t you do it yourself?)

The world will never change
until someone struck it to the core,
but even then… it’ll only get worse,
human will be always enough lost.

All the rules and the rule breakers,
all is the same stupidity for me.
The world says good night sleep well,
and I will only say…
“Thank god I’m dying every day”.

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