jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

So long.

So long.

Fading away the lights of hope
I won’t be there anymore,
this is the last and we say…
so long.

Fantasies have an end and I have one too,
let go my memory and keep on,
I’ll be watching far from this point,
this is not a good bye after all,
it’s just a so long.

I’m holding you deep into my heart,
but I can’t stay more than this life,
time will cover the place I’m leaving,
time will scar the pain on you.

I’m a match consumed now,
no more fire on me to light you,
I’m fading from your hands…
straight to the trash can.

So long if you love me,
don’t hold me more than is needed,
this here… is the natural state of life,
some must live, some must die.

So long to the time we had together,
but I’ll see you again next time so,
this is not as long as a good bye
it´s just as long… as a so long for now.

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