martes, 3 de noviembre de 2009

A senseless script.

The name.

“Love like letters are only a thing to be forgotten”

Do I know you?
I don’t remember
Why can’t I remember?

A second?
No, it was not a second
Was it a life time?

Where have I forgot you?
Was it when I loved you?
No, I haven’t loved anyone.

Where am I?
Doesn’t feel like it.

Yeah, but what are they forming?
A name?
Is it my name?
Sorry I don’t remember a thing
not even who I am so…
Would you help me?

Where am I standing if it’s not home?

The broken heart?
What is that suppose to mean?


So what, am I alive?
Show me.

Love me?
Love who?
To end up dead?
Why for?

It’s only a dream.
Is it a dream?
Somehow I don’t believe it.

So, what is it then?
Your love?
Can´t be.

All is a lie.

Then again
Who are you?
A mirror?
A broken mirror?
So not helpful,
but it doesn’t matter.

Maybe a mirrorism so…
Am I in the desert?
Not yet huh
When then?

Illusions and magic?

A stained reality?
So my eyes are the liars?
No, they’re not.

Graveyard night and dead love
Are we the dead lovers or are we the hatred murderers?

Your name
Is it your name or is someone else’s?

The nightmare our life time,
those letters, the name.
If you are her then who am I?
Harder to remember, easier to forget.

Memories are just that and I don’t really care
yet… I’m so sorry.
Love and tragedy comes together.

Love like letters are only a thing to be forgotten
so… what was your name again?

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