miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2009

A senseless poem that somehow makes sense. (At least to me)

A senseless poem that somehow makes sense (at least to me)

Here comes the rain dressed as some kind of girl
with some flowers on her hand saying it’s the end,
bleeding hearts have welcomed her since so long
and I´m not cruel enough to be the first to tell her no.

Here comes a train over his rainbow railroad red
moving from deep inside her heart so full of shame
straight to the floor where we accidentally stand,
collapsing over a convulsion…
she says “hey, you hold my hand”.

Time arrives as a man dressed in black with a loud voice
and I can listen to him speaking too low for this to be real,
“her heart has stopped, must do something before we go”
yeah, just call an ambulance with your freaking cell phone.

Come, come and stand tall from the spot,
we live, we move and so we go. (yeah!)

Coffee place whit some wine on a table we drink,
shaking good byes on the mind we bid farewell
to the pretty rainy girl we left behind…
carrying graveyard flowers on her hand.

Mini skirt waitress showing long legs flirting time
while we say “hey, it’s nice to be alive”,
hands over her body we travel and we dance
trough the night a step to the morning waking up
on the body we both were last night lost.

Smiling time the time has now to go
far from the waitress,
far from a night time little love.

Sweaty waitress so tired goes home and invites
some sex and drugs to spent the whole day until die,
9:00 o’clock over the clock, time started to work.

Up to the hill where home a waits for the waitress I understand,
golden hair and long legs over the time sleeping all night…
wasn’t the sun a man instead of a pretty girl at a coffee bar?
(yeah, up to the hill and after the night, sunrise comes and sun smile
sleeping under the moon´s starry sky they both spent the night)

Leaving sunny girl over the hill with a kiss on her face
I say farewell, maybe we´ll see each other again.

Here I see over the shadows on a street
white snowman smiling lots under sun rays,
freezing his smile while melting down he comes
saying “hi” while I just say “hello”.

Here I see him dying on the floor,
just a couple of water,
jus a snowman city lost.

Silver hair over the air smiling like nothing,
dreamers must know when to stop,
but I only know by now…
that I just wanna keep up.

Porcelain portrait of a princess lost long ago standing
next to where the snowman died not so long,
dark clothes and silver glow she says…
“wanna go for an ice-cream cup?”

(Here I am knowing not where am I supposed to be but…
it’s fine if I call it home and not just to call it a dream.)

Kissing each other over a restaurant bar she says have me,
“have me now while I´m almost fifteen and it´s perfect,
have me until I’m too old for to be young, have me…
before I have thirteen and lose my glow”.
(oh! the fertile moon so filled of love)

Running to an empty street hiding into shadows
I lost my head while she lost her manners,
coming from the nowhere a policeman took us…
to the station while she has one last orgasm.

Jailed like we were I saw the time running out
like a kid being late for school classes on Monday,
negotiating our freedom just to go at a mere moment
in search of the sunny girl resting over while moon gets older.

Appreciation of things tells me that sun and time are only night lovers
‘cause they work and don’t have time to be lovers in this life at morning.
(living and moving under sun light we barely have time, but at night…
we love even more before closing our eyes, just like the lovers I describe.)

Out of jail and without the time to say good bye…
there it goes the moon to crawl the hill and shine.
(walk, move, love, live and drop a tear,
yeah! But never say no to do those things.)

Down the hill we stand again reunited,
me, the time and sunny girl at night,
and again the rainy girl comes as a surprise…
holding saddest flowers between her hands.

But even being all together I’d rather to have
someone else standing by my side,
she who shines vast in the sky…
should be always here to hold my hand.

And instead of saying nothing to the moon I just asked…
“if you long last on this place called nowhere where will you be?”

And so she answered this to me:

“You’ll be here surrounding illusions whit arms of a king,
tonight you’ll miss what you left, but have what you own,
morning you’ll have me to love and to love you in return.”

Then, it all suddenly made sense,
I just won’t tell why,
but I’ll be just waiting for her.

(Yeah, yeah, psychological things performing images talking a little about me, so what? I’m almost human after all)

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