jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009

The magic.

The magic.

Walking towards the moonlight
I saw the magic once again,
but not the magic of the children,
I saw the magic on a girl.

Street lights shined on that moment,
the magic was now in the air,
silver eyes and long brown hair,
was she an illusion? Not I bet.

There I was with her…
with no words coming out of my mouth,
a silence we couldn’t bare,
so she said hi! And I said hey!

Straight into the night…
two strangers holding hands
without rabbits on their hats.

No surprises and just voices,
only a whisper before the kiss,
here comes the last curtain…
one magic spell casted on thin air.

Heart beat and magic wands,
one hand over the chest
and the illusion of being alone…
on an empty corner of the world.

Fading tricks but not our lips,
all is nothing and nothing is all
behind the smokescreen surrounding
the magic content of our words.

Here I have the queen of hearts
without an ace of spades under my sleeve,
here I have her between my arms
under the diamond sky being me the clover king.

Lights and mirrors yet to come
as the scent of magic freely flows,
no public watching thanks god
so it’s not important to watch for an encore.

Without an act of escapism
we wouldn’t be able to describe
the final stage of tonight’s show,
so we bid farewell wishing everyone…
to understand that this magic was just love.

And so we the lovers disappear
as the famous magicians leaving the scenery scene,
saying thanks to all and make love instead of war…
to let love make you free or make you have a child.

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