viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009

Just to bother the people a little.

Love + me =?

For those who believe…
love is everything but not for me,
love is a lie and to lie is to be alive.

One “I love you” for each occasion,
one heart for every person,
letters on a letter to be sent,
some emotions on a paper…
to say you miss her every day.

Call me ogre if you agree,
but know me before judge this
´cause I’m not as worse as you believe.

One for each other claims the world,
but how many cheat on each other?

“Darling, I love you while I love the others,
oh but I love you more than I love them,
so honey you shouldn’t feel bad for it,
it’s just a game this of having lovers.”

Keep on playing games believing love is all
but know a little bit like I know…
that love is just a game for some of us,
not maybe both in a row,
but yes to one of us all in a couple of love.

Love is a lie and it’s not all unless of course…
you both love each other much and
out of the lie and forever more,
‘cause I’ve heard love’s not a moment,
love’s not a single word,
I´ve heard… that love is all of being in love,
and being in love is to love and being loved in return.

So far I know…
such couple does not exist in this world,
at least not in front of me to prove me wrong,
so love is just a game, as the song says,
a lie that happens all the time.

Now you’re free to hate me for being honest…
or you can try and make it real and not a lie so,
you can now love me for be helping the lovers.

(Yeah, I know I don’t make it easy to hate me, so can love me if you want.)

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