jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009



I can see the blood and crystals,
fragments of a moment,
pieces of an accident lost over that site.

Broken bones and body pieces,
tears and screams adorning the streets,
tragedy maybe,
life as it is.

Kids and mothers on a hug,
holding hands the lovers,
pretty faces not so pretty,
life has changed a lot.

Whispers on the ear,
promises of eternal love,
giving life the goody people,
crystals lost in the flow of blood.

Some one coughs and get on his feet,
it´s not a hero as it seems but…
at least he´s trying his life to redeem,
so he takes out one kid and comes for another.

Ambulances start to come ringing their sirens,
the man is out with the living people he took out,
can you see his eyes behind his hair covered in red?
after the crash… those eyes are all ready dead.

One last breath and he falls to the floor,
no beating and a body too cold,
paramedics check over him starts…

There’s a hole on his back bleeding so fast
a metallic tube pummeled his heart,
crystals over his entire body but…
too much stocked over his head on the back.

Oh! the surprise,
that man was dead…
since the first moment of the crash,
and still…
he had the will to move to the last.

After this description or tale I gave,
would you like to follow my demise?


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